Janusz Bałdyga

Janusz Bałdyga was born in 1954 in Lublin. He uses simple resources and transforming powerful symbols such as a cross, an eagle from polish emblem or polish flag.  In 1979, he transformed the shape of poland territory in his diploma thesis under supervision of Adam Gierowski in Academy of Art in Warsaw.
In his graduation year,  Bałdyga joined to Akademia Ruchu theater. Since then Bałdyga constantly has combined visual art and performance. Sometimes sculptural installations are scenography of his performances and you can see the documentations of earlier action in those objects. “I don’t see any absolute border between performance as a gesture and object of the performance as a effect of the gesture” – he says.  
Bałdyga builds his objects of solid materials like wood or metal. In the same time such constructions look very light – like they can move any second, they are in constant tension. Sometimes even slight touch can agitate the inner balance and literally destroy the construction. “I think about the mistake as a important factor in creating the event” – Janusz Bałdyga says. Therefore it can be assumed that the deconstruction which causes revaluation of the existing state of the incidents is part of the artist’s conception.


Ephemerides, Photo-Object