Ryszard Grzyb

Ryszard Grzyb was born in 1956 in Sosnowiec. In 1979, he graduated from the State College of Arts in Wroclawin the studio of prof. Zbigniew Karpiński and later on, between 1970 and 1981, he studied at the Faculty of Painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Warsaw. He was awarded a graduating diploma at the studio of Prof. Rajmund Ziemski. From 1981 to 1983 he worked as an assistant at the Studio of Painting and Drawing at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Warsaw Academy of Art. In 1982 – 1992, Grzyb was a member of the Gruppa. He was also a co-founder and editor of the Gruppa’s newsletter – "Oj dobrze już".

In his Wrocław period, he made his debut as a poet. Concurrently with his painting he now continues with his poetry published on several occasions (among others, sets of poems, in “Nowy Wyraz” 1980, 1981; in “Miesięcznik Literacki” 1981; his poems and texts in the newsletter “Oj dobrze już”; in a publication “Sztuka Najnowsza: Co słychać?” edited by M. Sitkowska, Warsaw 1989 or in “Young Poets of New Poland”, Forest Books, 20 Forest View, Chingford, London 1993) and prize-winning (3rd Prize in poetry contest “Patra 80” and 2nd Prize in “Patra 81”; honour award in the contest of “the Red Rose” in 1981). In May and June 1986, together with Ryszard Woźniak, he received a scholarship to West Berlin, in 1990 – 1991 – he was in Cologne, invited by Rafal Jablonki. From 1992 through 1993, he lived in Krakow, and in 1995, he was back in Germany for a scholarship in Lamspringe. In 1996, he was in Saignon, invited by Kamila Regent and Pierre Jaccaud. He painted multicolored rhinoceros, flowers, vegetables and fruits. He currently  lives and works in Warsaw.