Tomasz Kulka

Tomasz Kulka was born in 1979 in Wolbrom, Poland. Over the period 1999-2004 he studied at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow. He graduated with honors from the painting studio of Prof. Grzegorz Bednarski and ceramic studio of Prof. Czesław Dźwigaj.

Kulka's works take the form of realistic miniature objects, that capture his surroundings, strongly influenced by his native town – Wolbrom. Kulka is clearly interested in issues found outside of mainstream culture, peripheries of society, such as the problem of urban decay and the city’s devastation by youth subculture, drunks and homeless. Lives and works in Wolbrom. His most recognizable and expanded work “Street Fight” was exhibited at the 4th Mediations Biennale in 2014 in Poznań, Poland. Minister of Culture scholarship-holder in “Young Poland 2013” scholarship program. Works and lives in Wolbrom.

Idolatry, The Newest, In Between, Small is BigGenre Scenes 2012