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27.09 - 30.09.2018

Propaganda's feature at Raumstation focuses on things and actions that are better kept to yourself. Nothing sinister or ill, but all the small details that make the world, and art world especially, go round and round but are never reviled in public. Sex, money, faith or lack of them thereafter are all apparent in our lives, yet in many aspects hidden and not disclosed publicly. Works and concepts we are bringing to Vienna are about bringing presence to those aspects of life, and also resonate better in context of Vienna and concurrent art fairs.

Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone.


Participating artist:

Anna Barlik
Jakub Ciężki
Ewa Doroszenko
Agata Kleczkowska
Tomasz Kulka
Mariusz Tarkawian


Schikanedergasse 2/6 
2nd floor
A-1040 Vienna