Only broken clocks show the right time / Gdansk city gallery

The word TIME appears in the Internet search engine almost 20 billion times. A lot more than love, health, life, death, money. Not to mention the words gender, liberty, climate and democracy. These are at the lower end. Time is ubiquitous, and therefore imperceptible, like air. Nevertheless, what worries everyone the most is its passing.

It is interesting that physics that can define almost any phenomenon cannot cope with the description of the passage of time, nor can it define the concept of NOW. Albert Einstein himself admitted, that „the distinction between past, present, and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion”.

Contemporary art strongly emphasizes its bond with society, the environment and climate problems. Perhaps that is why among the multitude of artistic events ideologically involved in hot problems, basic issues are easily overlooked. Grzegorz Sztabiński called this phenomenon "art's contemporary allergy to timelessness". Is it possible that art does not consider what engages all of us the most? On the contrary. Art is full of time. Time determines her, is her food, the essence of change and development. What's more, many of the daily social and political themes can be freely illustrated by the allegory of time.

Everyone perceives the time individually, but if you want to introduce some systematics, it all fits into three ancient concepts: Chronos is time measured forever, Kairos is the moment, time captured, stopped and Aion - time closed, looped, duration. In addition, there is also memory, because what else is art, if not remembering.

Artists: Maarten Baas, Janusz Bałdyga, Anna Barlik, Stanisław Dróżdż, Izabela Chamczyk, Tomasz, Ciecierski, Ryszard Grzyb Adam Jastrzębski, Sigalit Landau, Tadeusz Sudnik, Piotr Szulkin, Janusz Kapusta, On Kawara, Agata Kleczkowska, Paweł Kowalewski, Tomasz Kulka, Roman Opałka, Jagoda Przybylak, Dan Reisinger, Jörgen Svensson, Joana Vasconcelos, Katarzyna Żelaska

Curator: Paweł Sosnowski
Assistant curator: Zuzanna Głód
Cooperation: Andrzej Zagrobelny

Artystyczna Podróż Hestii, Ergo Hestia, FINA
*Co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.