Why Is There Nothing Rather Than Something / Paweł Kowalewski

Why is there nothing rather than something  was an original approach to the problem of the retrospective exhibition. The exhibition at the Municipal Art Center proposed a journey through all stages of Paweł Kowalewski's creativity and artworks. The presented works were both large-scale paintings, sketches on paper, and glass showcases with colorful clay sculptures. Each of them was part of a comprehensive artistic practice with extraordinary consistency.

Paweł Kowalewski, Why is there nothing rather than something, exhibition view, fot. Sławomir Sajkowski

This was Kowalewski's first exhibition, where we could see works from the 1980s next to the latest ones. This was how a retrospective, but not necessarily linear, story of how Paweł Kowalewski constantly comments on the changing reality.

curator: Jacek Sosnowski

Municipal Art Center
16 December 2017 – 14 January 2018 
ul. Pomorska 73
Gorzów Wielkopolski