THE HIDDEN PHOTO TALKS / Stanek, Nogalski, Orłowska, Cudny

We invite you to a cycle of meetings about the hidden aspects of photography The Hidden Photo Talks.


The Hidden Photo is an ongoing curating project started in 2015. Virtual gallery of photographs gathers single photos, which were for some reason hidden by their authors. Pictures might be a part of a wider visual narration or single shots from a bigger private collection. They might be an inspiration for a completely new project or a begging of a cycle which will never be realised.

An exhibition Nothing Left To Be Saved was organised as part of the cooperation with Propaganda gallery. The opening took place in Instytut Fotografii Fort on the 27th of July of 2018. 28 artists took part in the exhibition: Paweł Biedrzycki, Tomasz Böhm, Mariusz Drezniak, Paweł Fabjański, Behzad Farazollahi, Nazar Furyk, Peter Holliday, Karolina Jonderko, Lucyna Kolendo, Mateusz Kowalik, Michał Łuczak, Błażej Marczak, Gregory Michenaud, Juan Rodríguez Morales, Maciek Niemojewski, Bartek Pawlik, Maciej Przemyk, Kaja Rata, Kuba Rodziewicz, Rafał Siderski, Paweł Starzec, Kamil Śleszyński, Joana Toro, Ola Walków, Joanna Wierzbicka, Ania Witko, Clint Woodside, Ada Zielińska.

At the end of the year a catalogue that sums up the project will be published. 

Project is co-financed by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of the Republic of Poland.

photo by Alicja Wróblewska