Mariusz Tarkawian / In Anticipation of Art

Mariusz Tarkawian started to work on series of drawings when he was a student. He preciously copied works of other artists on postcard size paper. Already there are thousands of them still being produced. This is a skill training and studying the history of art at the same time. Thanks to that, it was possible for Mariusz Tarkawian to start another brave project, That's how the second collection of drawings named In Anticipation of Art was created. It is the lexicon of almost 800 fictional artworks, made up pastiches of famous and unknown artists. Tarkawian boldly forsaw works of artists like Thomas Grünfeld, Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin, Damien Hirst or Wilhelm Sasnal, which might be created in 5, 10 or 30 years. Nothing here is by accident – future artworks proposed by Tarkawian are results of creative analysis of artist previous works and there is a high probability that they will emerge.

In Anticipation of Art is a game of knowledge and imagination, sometimes ironic and humoristic, serious and strong, or cynical and sarcastic, but always entertaining and inspiring for a viewer.

The book appeared in a limited edition of 200 copies, signed by the artist and you can buy it in our gallery.

Mariusz Tarkawian

In Anticipation of Art