The Edge of It publication was created as part of the Peripheries of Europe Europe of Peripheries project, whose assumptions are based on the simultaneous implementation of two fields of activity. One focus on a joint study of the condition of the periphery of Europe, in which a team of professionals and related art institutions take part. The second sector focuses on the audience gathering, the widest possible group of people interested in peripheral art, regardless of who they are and where they come from.


The Edge of It


The effect of this cooperation is the book. A collection of articles and interviews dealing with contemporary art in the context of the mainstream and periphery categories. However, this is not a statistical portrait of artists from the off-world and top artists - who weather drink champagnes or igristoje, or whose opinion counts, has a market value, aesthetic - only a discussion about what significantly affects the shape of contemporary art, what defines it and how the process takes place. The question of the interdependence between what is happening in the spotlight and what is happening at the roadside is about whether there is a real boundary between one zone of action and the other, and what value this border has. The starting position for all the collected texts was the edge, the mobile point, the place where the most interesting, intelligent, juicy, often radical, revolutionary and involved phenomena in contemporary art which do not occasionally emerge.

Each of the artists, curators, collectors and critics with whom the conversation takes place in its own way exceeds this transitional moment between the margins and the center and introduces a unique perspective on how the art world works.



Interviews with:

Marina Abramović
Amnon Barzel
Stéphane Bauer
Osman Djadjadisastra
Matthias Einhoff
Maja and Reuben Fowkes
Boris Groys
Jan Jeništa
Irena Lagator Pejović
Lucy Lippard
Andreas Nilsson
Petr Pavlensky
Karol Radziszewski
Stefan Riebel
Hrafnkell Sigurđsson
Sven Spieker
Rupert White
Alessandro Vitali
Piotr Wysocki
Frantisek Zachoval


Authors of interviews:

Michał Fopp
Hlynur Helgason
Harriet Hawkins
Marcin Krasny
Krzysztof Kucharczyk
Paula Orrell
Dorota Sosnowska
Jacek Sosnowski
Paweł Sosnowski
Małgorzata Terlecka-Reksnis
Joanna Turek
Rupert White


Dorota Sosnowska, Jacek Sosnowski

Tomasz Kulka

Propaganda 2014

CooperationAdam Mickiewicz Institute in Warsaw

Binding: hard cover with dust jacket

Number of pages: 170

Language: English

ISBN: 978-83-933966-8-9

Price: 15 euro