Ewa Doroszenko

Ewa Doroszenko was born in 1983 in Olecko, Poland.  She is a visual artist, photographer, creator of installations and paintings. Over the period 2003 – 2008 she studied painting at Nicolaus Copernicus University in Torun. In 2012 she earned a doctorate in Fine Arts at the same university. 
Doroszenko's artistic research addresses questions of contemporaneity, especially the meaning of the image in technological reality. She uses the possibility of digital picture manipulation, together with photography and painting in a classic way. Also, since 2010 she works in duo with Jacek Doroszenko and explores the sound medium in the area of visual arts. 
Ewa Doroszenko is a laureate in many international competitions like: DEBUTS 2018 (doc! photo magazine) and Debut 2018 (Lithuanian Photographers Association) and the beneficiary of many residency programs, including: Atelierhaus Salzamt Linz in Austria, The Island – Resignified Lefkada in Greece, Kunstnarhuset Messen Ålvik in Norway, Klaipeda Culture Communication Center in Lithuania, foundation AAVC Hangar in Barcelona, Fondazione Del Bianco in Florence. Her works have been featured in publications such as Der Greif, Vice, NEO2, The Bosco Magazine, The Forumist, YET magazine, The Calvert Journal, Daily Serving, Metal, Flat Magazine, Detroit Center for Contemporary Photography. Currently, she works and lives in Warsaw.