19.09 – 31.10-2009
FROM TO / Stanisław Dróżdż

The realisation of a monumental FROM TO work, planned long before his death, was to be another significant work in the literary creation of Stanislaw Drozdz, after the historical participation in the jubilee 50th Biennale in Venice in 2003. FROM TO consists of 82 30×30 cm boards filled in with all the possible arrangements of the two words and letters. This work was already realised in 1994 at Wrocław BWA gallery. Already at that time, in course of creation of the exhibition, the artist noticed extraordinary musical potential – a series of boards seemed to him a notation, which required the transformation into sound. Stanisław Dróżdż referred to this concept on numerous occasions and even though he had a lot of new projects and fresh ideas, he insisted on a new realisation of FROM TO enriched with its musical version. Today it seems to have been prophetic in a way. FROM TO, apart from all its connotations, is also a specific life record, it closes life inside brackets.

The search for a suitable composer took quite some time; which resulted in several unsuccessful experiments. Only by the end of 2008 a suitable person was found, who could transfer a work of concrete poetry into the space of music. Tadeusz Sudnik – outstanding producer of sound and composer of experimental music undertook the task of composing based on this specific libretto. The work lasted for many months, and finally FROM TO became a kind of contemporary opera for two voices.

Unfortunately, Stanislaw Drozdz did not live long enough to see the completion of this realisation, but I am quite convinced that he would have had enormous satisfaction. This event, the last author’s project of the artist is meant to honour his memory and his splendid creative output.