01.12.2012 – 26.01.2013
Blue the Most Beautiful Color in the World /

"I despise birds. They make holes in the most beautiful and the greatest of my works," noted Yves Klein, speaking of the sky. In a special way, he fulfilled Cennino Cennini recommendation "If you're gonna use the blue, take the amount that you need." Klein took it all! Throughout the centuries meaning of color blue has shifted. Once the most expensive pigment, used only to emphasize the most important things, became cheap to such the extent that builders dip string in an ultramarine powder to mark straight lines on bare walls and countless Windows users fear “The Blue Screen of Death”, which could mean the end of life to their computers. Today artists reach for color blue whenever they want to, so one could arrange such an exhibition in countless of ways.

However, we had chosen several of those artists who recognized the power and uniqueness of the blue, the color of which had become an imperative and applied it consciously and deliberately, but with completely different reasons. Guided by the prescriptions Cennini and following in the footsteps that Klein paved, combining the attitudes of these two extreme individuals.

Sharon Balaban, Andrzej Bielawski, Tomasz Ciecierski, Edward DwurnikPaweł Kowalewski, Edward Krasinski, Laura PawelaWlodzimierz PawlakAleksander Ryszka