22.09 – 28.10.2017
Exhibition-fiction / MARIUSZ TARKAWIAN

What is the purpose of speaking about the future? (…) We don’t speak about the future, the future is created. Here is a glass of cognac. It’s full. I’ll make it so that it’s empty. Oh, yes. A certain wise man said that the future is impossible to foresee, but it can be discovered. 

– Arkady and Boris Strugatsky, The Ugly Swans

fot. Aga Bilska / warszawawarsaw.com

Mariusz Tarkawian is a scribe, collector, documentalist, but also an interpreter. His graphical commentary describes the contemporary reality, alongside the past and present of art. For a number of years, in observing the works of other artists, to later carefully and dutifully copy these works in his own sketchbooks, he built up an extensive encyclopedia of illustrations for the history of art (Looking for Art, a collection of over 2000 works). However, the greatest number of events, situations, ideas, breakthrough ideas and transformations are set in the very place they haven’t yet occurred. What’s most intriguing is all that which is uncertain and uncanny, a bit probable, but also somewhat far-fetched. Tarkawian is fascinated by mankind’s ability to see the future. The fact that man is always systematically planning and preparing the road ahead, whether we realize it or not.

The Exhibition-Fiction is a fantasy of illustration, designing and creating the future. The drawings are warnings about what is to come for the art world, sought and used as a way to prepare for what is to come.

The exhibition opened as part of the Warsaw Gallery Weekend 2017.