22.09 – 1.10.2017
Residents / Ewa Doroszenko, Jacek Doroszenko

The exhibition of works by Ewa Doroszenko and Jacek Doroszenko in the Propaganda Gallery cellar was the effect of a certain coincidence related to an experiment carried out in this space as part of an international residency project. The exhibition presented the works created over the course of residencies in Spain, Norway, Lithuania, and Warsaw, in the cellar of the building at ul. Foksal 11, in the months leading up to Warsaw Gallery Weekend. For Ewa and Jacek Doroszenko, a well-fitted studio wasn’t a privileged place of creative work or a point-of-reference. The very idea of a fictional studio often brings to mind the idea of the “mental atelier”. They took on the roles of travelers, taking on temporary spaces, along with the residents of the spaces that had been entrusted to them. They attempted to delve deeper into these spaces – to change and rearrange them according to their own vision, temporarily.

The project put together for the purposes of Warsaw Gallery Weekend explores the relationship between the visual and audio spheres. The Propaganda cellar was filled with objects that tell the story of a place and its link to its afterimages.