9.12 – 22.12.2017

Two weeks before Christmas, Propaganda changed into a pop up of three Viennese galleries. In the atmosphere of pre-Christmas preparations and in the company of mulled wine, we invite you to WIENNACHTEN, which is a presentation of the editions, series and smaller artworks from the Steinek Gallery, Knoll Gallery and the new Viennese gallery – SCAG.

The Propaganda gallery aimed to talk about the relationship that had developed between the Warsaw and the Vienna art gallery scene. If Christmas is a time of meetings – it is enough to exchange a few letters, in a kind of Freudian mistake. This is how WIENNACHTEN was created.

As part of the Vienna pop-up you could see selected works by the following artists:

Blue Noses
Csaba Nemes
Akos Birkas
András J. Nagy
Kamil Kukla

- SCAG -
Ludovic Bernhardt
Luz Blanco

Renate Bertlmann
Sébastien de Ganay
Olga Georgieva
Matthias Herrmann
Gudrun Kampl

Jana Sterbak
Anouk Lamm Anouk 
Clemens Wolf