24.11.2018 – 12.01.2019

Artists of GRUPPA paid a lot of attention to the titles of their works, which were catchy and blunt like newspaper headlines. One of them, created by Ryszard Woźniak, "Nowa fala popierdala" ("New wave shit storm", 1982), became a kind of manifesto of GRUPPA. Today members of the group moved on and paint completely different paintings, with more calm, subdued, informative and descriptive titles.

Ryszard Grzyb speaks of "letting poetry into the nest of painting" and still savors the titles of his works. The titles he gives, take shape of micro-poetic artifacts loosely connected to the topic of the painting, in some cases becoming almost completely autonomous. With their own style, form, and composition they constitute separate entities hidden on the backs of the works. In painting, the focus on painting. That’s why even if the title is really fetching, we don’t hang the work back to the front. The life of the poetic artifact stops. Poetry won’t show itself until we take the painting of the wall and turn it.

Let’s give the titles space to exist equally even just for the duration of the exhibition.

Sensitivity to words is very characteristic of Ryszard Grzyb’s practice. We can see signs of it in often unforeseen and trivial circumstances. He painted once work inspired by the odd sentence he noticed somewhere at a small train station close to Cracow: "ŁUCZYCE IS A CITY OF SEX AND BUSINESS". Only in this work present at the exhibition "Backward to The Front", painting and poetry merge into one. The title becomes the painting.

Opening: Saturday, Nov 24th, 5 – 8 PM