3.02 – 10.03.2018

In the space between extremes, something that Nicolas Bourriaud calls ’exform’ arises. This is a very specific category of objects that only start to exist when opposites extend far enough that completely new meanings can fit in between them, not belonging to any of the parties. "The exform desognates a point of contact,, a ‚socket or ,’plug”,  in the process of exclusion and inclusiojn – a sign that switches between the center and the periphery, between dissidense and power," writes Bourriaud. The "Black Sun" is an exhibition created in the search for forms which whilst becoming paintings, move away from it. Grzegorz Waliczek managed to create an aesthetic language emphasizing the liminality that underlies the completed works (both on the technical level and their meaning). The oxymoron in the title of the exhibition leads to its paradoxical character, because on the one hand the black sun is something that can not exist, but on the other intuition tells us that it should. 

Grzegorz Waliczek - born on in 1965 in Katowice. He graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Kraków and Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in the class of A. R. Penck. He lives and works in Warsaw.

Solo exhibitions:
1995 FFK Neuss
1996 Edurne Gallery / Madrid
1997 Desplanque Gallery / Düsseldorf
1999 Galeria Starmach / Kraków
2015 Galeria Piktogram / Warszawa