29.10 – 11.11.2019

We observe how the language of radical movements stormed through politics, then for a long time, it became hibernated in the subculture to adapt to the modern world and its media today. The hallucination that arose is not trying to be credible but is disturbingly imminent.

Elements of the new historical and identity politics. Design of violence tools. Ads using formal fascist solutions. Objects from a hypothetical future, acquainted with violence and a chronic state of emergency. Insight into the head of someone who feels right there.

We get to xenophobic fears to confront our own political unrest. We approach them carefully, but with a certain degree of curiosity. We shyly knock on the gates of the beleaguered fortress, we look inside through the cracks in the wall.

The exhibition's inspiration is the new book 'Czarne Słońce' by Jakub Żulczyk, which will be published by the Świat Książki publishing house at the end of October.