19.01 – 2.03.2019

He created these drawings in loneliness, hidden from the world. Although he made several thousands of them, they were not mentioned in his diary. Discovered after his death in a chest that nobody had looked into before – even the relatives and closest friends had no idea about their existence. All created in the same format, on the same old pale copy paper that Stajuda luckily got at the beginning of 1982, the time when martial law was introduced in Poland. Most likely they were made at night, without witnesses, but unquestionably they were his great passion, which he decided to keep to himself. These works are not any kind of studied academic nudes – he drew erotic visions of the female body from memory. Neither are they sketches for future paintings – he practiced only abstract painting, far from figuration. In his daily notes, a significant sentence appears: ’I dreamed about a woman with perpendicular hips’. It seems, that we are dealing with quick notes from dreamy delusions which cannot be later developed, improved or completed. Each drawing is final, like a single frame from a virtual projection. In a soft and rapid line, frozen in motion or in a careless, random pose, female bodies from Stajuda’s drawings, boil with eroticism, without vulgarity.

They appeared publicly only once – as part of his extensive posthumous exhibition in 1993. A group of nudes was then placed in a corner hexagonal room in the Ujazdowski Castle in Warsaw. For the exhibition in Propaganda, we chose only thirty from this huge collection in order to allow viewers to focus and evaluate them properly without sinking in the flood of images.


Opening: Saturday, 19.01.2019 5-8 PM.

Exhibition lasts till: 2.03.2019.