15 .06  – 31.07.2020

In the times of uncertainty, anxiety and general instability there is no „normal“ to go back to. Gallery lifestyle regulated by the rhythm of openings and exhibitions is not what we want to go back to either. As of today, Propaganda becomes an enclave for the artists to be as they are, offering you our space to use as you see fit.  We invite those close to us as well as those we haven’t met yet – our enclave is small, but open to everyone seeking shelter from the outside noise. We think it’s the best thing we can become right now.

Propaganda opens its doors to the artists in need of a place for work, creating art, meditation and every other form of expression, as well as our audience - each and every one of you is welcome.

In Enclave will participate: 181-1 collective, Alicja BielawskaEwa Doroszenko i Jacek Doroszenko, Jan Grabowski, Zuzanna KoftaAlka NaumanSara Piotrowska i Maciej SzczęśniakMagdalena SobolskaKamil SzczepaniakAgata Zbylut, Paweł Żukowski

You can follow artists' activities on our Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/propaganda_prpgnd/.