This time we meet in a different form and with different dynamics than before. climateplateau.art  is an online platform where we explore the concept of socially and ecologically responsible art together.

To the second Plateau we invited Aniela Fidler Wieruszewska, Diana Lelonek, Cecylia Malik and River Sisters, Małgorzata Kuciewicz and Simone de Iacobis from Centrala, and Zakole. We want to treat their respective work as inspiration for a more attentive way of living, as well as for taking a closer look at complex relationships between people and other beings, places and things. The downtime we currently find ourselves in is an opportunity to build a shared base of knowledge. Let it grow and build up into a common reference point for future conversations and actions. Anyone is welcome to join!


We already know CSR, sustainable architecture, and fashion, but a concept of responsible art still does not exist in public debate. Meanwhile, there are many art projects which are examples of a responsible approach to the environment. For these artists, the climate crisis is much more than just a theoretical issue, but the starting point for action and activism, like taking care of endangered natural areas and places of local importance or inventing ecological solutions for cities. 

We are used to the fact that art is mainly assigned a symbolic meaning, and its real influence, such as the carbon footprint, is neglected. People who represent a responsible approach in art do not underestimate this area of art world impact. For them, producing art is a field where it's necessary to develop and implement ecological solutions.


Climate Plateau of Contemporary Art is a platform for cooperation to reduce the art world's negative impact on climate and the environment and share knowledge and best practices. At the Climate Plateau, we learn together in diverse groups and look for ecological solutions. Theoretical considerations are important, but we believe that knowledge derived from artistic practice and work in cultural institutions is crucial. Therefore, instead of another climate summit, we organize a plateau, where people with different specializations share their experiences.


First Climate Plateau was a meeting of the Polish art world, where we together reflected on what our role is in counteracting climate catastrophe. People who work every day in art institutions met with scientists, architects, and activists. We wondered what responsibility rests on artists, curators, and directors of institutions. We asked what we can do together and in isolation to slow down the climate catastrophe. After the questioning stage, it was time to try to formulate answers.