Join the Second Climate Plateau of Contemporary Art!

The second edition of the Climate Plateau aims to initiate the debate on responsible art. On our platform we present statements by artists and researchers whose practices can be considered examples of responsible art in action. Our goal is to expand the knowledge base started by those contributions and share inspiration by collectively creating the declaration of responsible art - a multi-voice statement consisting of materials submitted by participants, which will be posted (after review) on the Climate Plateau platform. We invite you to join us in that process!

Everyone can participate! How?

• On a sheet of A4 paper, describe what responsible art means to you. Share your thoughts, associations, and feelings. Send us a scan of your note or a high-resolution photo or the original. 

• Make a short film about your artistic or research practice. It can be a record of your previous activities or of the process of working on something new. The method of production is of your choice! Invite us right inside your brain or studio, guide us through your favorite places and issues. Video shouldn’t be longer than 6 mins.

• Write a few sentences about yourself/a group you are active in – what is your history, what exactly do you do, how do you work. If you have a website where you share the effects of your work, include a link. 

Let the forms of expression we suggest be a starting point for you; you can develop and modify them as you like. Whether you form a group, work together or individually. The deadline for submission is May 31, 2021.

Although we cannot provide compensation to participants we offer to edit the materials, translate them to polish and subtitle the video materials.

Please email your materials to If you feel like sending it by post or delivering it in person – you are welcome! Here is our address: Propaganda, Wilcza St 22/35, Warsaw. If you have any questions, please write!